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FilkNet are willing to host mailing lists for the filk community. We use the Listar software, which comes complete with a web interface both for subscription and list management, and an archive of the list on FilkNet's server. The list data is backed up nightly, in the event of a crash.

If you wish to subscribe to a FilkNet hosted list, you need to go to the web interface and login, following the instructions (if you have already done so for another list, you can use the same password). There you will be able to view the available lists and choose to subscribe to one.

If you wish us to create you a list on FilkNet, please mail We will need to know what the list is for, whether it's moderated or not, and its subscription policy (open to anyone, or restricted to those you approve) and so on. We can also move a list from an existing server, given a list of subscribers. Once the list is created, you should point potential users at this page to subscribe to it. You can also create custom text files for the list for a welcome message, FAQ's, etc.

Mike Whitaker
Last modified: Tue Oct 17 17:08:25 GMT 2000